ges.jpg Casual and mobile game developer/distributor RealNetworks has announced a Gorillaz-themed mobile game, named 'Gorillaz Entertainment System', and featuring "four easy-to-grasp, mini-games based on each of Gorillaz' band members; 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel."

The press release goes on to froth of the title, which has a teaser video available on the site of the Real-owned Finnish developer, Mr. Goodliving: "The graphic elements are a unique blend of retro "arcade style" games and the utterly contemporary Gorillaz artwork. Gorillaz Entertainment System was created in conjunction with Jamie Hewlett and his studio design team at Zombie Flesh Eaters in West London."

Well, the vid reveals that someone has been playing International Karate+, if nothing else, but it looks like a diverting Gorillaz diversion for slathering fans of the virtual pop band. And Shaun Ryder.