bishoujo.jpg We here at GSW love it when a quizzical analysis of Japanese PC 'bishoujo games' appears directly below the lovable local anchors from KGET TV 17 ("In the spirit of the golden empire"!), and this is exactly what's happened in the syndication of a Cincinatti alt.weekly's video game column onto the KGET site.

PJ Hruschak's column is pretty darn informative, though, explaining to a presumably uninformed readership: "Despite that warning and a reputation as being animated porn, most bishoujo (pronounced bee-SHO-JOE) games are fairly complex dating simulation games", and continuing: "X-Change 2, for example, seems rather innocent on the cover, but features a boy turned into a girl, several kinky lesbian encounters and rather rude and rough rides on the appropriately named Pervert Bus."

Finally, a web-only extra section reveals correspondence with J-List's Peter Payne, who explains gleefully: "If you go to one of the many anime conventions in the U.S. and ask people if they know what 'hentai' dating-sim games are, you'll get a 100 percent response rate." But then again, at least 50 percent of those people are probably wearing a stick-on tail, soo... [Kidding. Honestly.]