enzoboom.jpg A wily tipster has pointed GSW to a special webpage devoted to Gizmondo exec Stefan Eriksson's crashed Ferrari Enzo on the aptly named WreckedExotics.com, and if you enjoy obsessing over the firm, like us, then you'll appreciate some of the extra details in there.

Though our original post regarding the incident wrapped up the major threads, updates since then include "a call from the Bank of Scotland claiming that the bank was in the process of repossessing the car", a recent video clip of Mr. Eriksson in Beverly Hills with his other, black Enzo, and indication that "The car had a European registration and nothing had been done to make it street legal in California."

There's also a note that a "40cm length hose" from the crash was being auctioned on Ebay: "This was picked up after all the debris had been cleared out", but sadly, it's already been pulled. Still, you can buy plenty of Gizmondo hardware and accessories on eBay, even if the chunks of Ferrari are no longer available.