bubob.jpg Over at 1UP, Jeremy 'Toastyfrog' Parish puts his formidably Rubik's Cube-shaped brain to work in profiling the Taito Legends remake series, including "bubbles, kiwis, and majestic invaders", in his second Retronauts column.

As Parish rightly points out: "Taito has been particularly busy on the retro front in the past year, releasing not one but four different classic compilations: Japan received Taito Memories I & II for PS2 and Taito Memories Pocket for PSP, while Sega published Taito Legends for Xbox, PS2 and PC in the U.S. And these aren't those crummy 32-bit collections with a paltry handful of games; we're talking 20 to 25 titles per set. Furthermore, only about half the games in Legends appeared on the Memories sets. All told, that's roughly 60 unique titles."

Following the history lesson, a few choice Taito classics are pointed out, with care given to not be entirely obvious - thus a tip for Return Of The Invaders, of which it's commented: "Imagine if Galaga had babies with Space Invaders -- that's what you have here. Enemies still approach in waves and patterns, marching steadily toward the bottom, but there's much more to the game than ducking behind shields and taking pot shots at alien sushi." Mm, alien sushi.