kraft.jpg A few weeks back, we at GSW featured a news story on a free Kraft PC dance pad, which was available to order (fine print on the order page indicates it may not be any more) for free, with only shipping to pay, so that those who ate Kraft foods could, uhh, get healthy.

Well, now the good folks at have added a Kraft dance pad hacking page, which explains "how to change the button mapping so that the Kraft dance pad will work with other dance pad games such as Stepmania", as opposed to the limited custom games Kraft lets you download.

The problem, apparently, is when you try to jump on multiple buttons at the same time: "The Kraft dance pad controller does not appear to have a non-intrusive way to change its mapping like some controllers do by "holding up, select and start for 3+ seconds". Nor does it have buttons 5-8 available on the PCB or on the chip. So the easiest hack is to exchange the two less-used buttons - select and start - for down and left, thereby letting the system recognize up and down simultaneously."

Oh, and the authors note by way of a postscript: "We are not in any way endorsed by or related to, KraftTM Foods, but we do enjoy their delicious KraftTM Macaroni & Cheese."