iceballoon.jpg We're not bored of Tomy's Japanese Dots library of pin-toys yet (you may remember the previously referenced limited-edition YMCK pixel toys from the company), and U.S. import store NCSX has just got in the Series 3 set of Ice Climber and Balloon Fight pin-toys, yum.

As the jovial NCSX folks explain of the two new classic NES game-themed sets: "Unlike the earlier Dots sets which featured 2 boards, 2 mounts, and 520 pins to create classic video game characters, Series 3 sets feature 4 boards, 4 mounts, and 650 pins to create heroes, enemies, and entire scenes as shown on the front cover of the Dots sets. With 4 boards to bind together, larger gaming scenes may be designed or the Dots may also be repurposed to create messages and/or daily mantras to follow."

One of the coolest things about the toys is that you can create multiple variations, as pictured on the back of the Series 1 sets, which include Mario, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Dig-Dug. In the new Series 3, we especially like the Balloon Fight kit, which "shows a balloon-lofted warrior about to receive a kiss from a blue-toothed beast from the deep", though the Ice Climber version in which "a pink parka wearing Eskimo [is] swinging a mallet at an unsuspecting blue parka wearing Eskimo" is also ubercute.