geomw.jpg The consistently rather wonderful Eurogamer has just added an interview with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved creator Stephen Cakebread, dealing with the tragic addiction of this Xbox 360 Live 'killer app'.

The intro sets the stage deliciously: "Eyes around The Beehive widen and brows furrow in incredulity. I'm suddenly instructed to tell everyone at the table what I've just said to one half. I clear my throat. "The worldwide high score for Geometry Wars is 12.8 million." Nobody says anything. Everyone just thinks about it. "Terrifying," says someone, eventually." [Check out this Google Video of K4rn4ge's 7 million score for some eye-opening action.]

In the course of the piece, there's some excellent technical bollocks ("the 360 version's underlying game grid is a system of 60,000 points poised in a delicate gravitational balance that reacts beautifully when struck by shockwaves; it runs on the 360's second core along with the audio system"), and some irony-filled 'creator outscored' sass (Cakebread's top score is "2.1 million, which I originally thought was pretty good... but I've since been put to shame by all the people who've scored five times that!") So skim the article quickly, and go play it the Geometry disease again before the high wears off.