gamez.jpg While perusing Phil Steinmeyer's site the other day, he turned us on to, a new, professional-looking website that is specifically designed around casual game reviews, previews, and features - a very neat idea.

One notable recent addition is a new editorial by gameLab's Nick Fortugno on 'Platformers For The Masses', commenting: "There are games coming out all the time that don’t fit into the traditional casual game genre. Some quickly disappear into the archives, but some succeed, and a few go on to become genre defining themselves. Casual gamers don’t just want a new face on the same old. They want something new."

There are also some refreshingly direct reviews of casual titles that may not get reviewed on the GameSpots of this world, most recently for Sandlot Games' Tradewinds: Legends, which "lets players take to the Arabian seas in a game that thrillingly combines nautical battles with good old fashioned capitalism." Ar-harrrr! All in all, a neat idea, and we wish 'em luck.