stking.jpgSince we recently covered someone who already made it to 20,000 Gamerscore on Xbox 360 Live, we thought we'd throw it open to reader comments on an important subject - what else needs to be done to make Xbox 360 Live into the absolute bestest next-gen online console service in the world, as opposed to just the only, as it is currently?

Some of the things we'd particularly like to see:

- Better balancing of achievements based around difficulty, so that getting 1000 points on Ridge Racer 6 is just as easy (or hard!) as getting 1000 points on King Kong, and it's not tempting to play games you don't care for just to score big points (ahem, Madden NFL 2006, for GSW editors!)

- Removing games from your 'played games' list on your profile if they're Xbox Live Arcade titles that you've just tried the demo of - listen, we admit it, we played Hardwood Backgammon once, but we don't want to be reminded of it for the rest of our natural Xbox 360 life.

- Regular tournaments based around specific achievements, even in Xbox Live Arcade titles, so that the person keeping alive without firing the longest in Geometry Wars gets an extra 0-point achievement, or kudos, or a free lollipop?

- Classic Sega titles downloadable over Xbox Live Arcade using Saturn emulation. Immediately. Including Nights Into Dreams.

- Everyone actually being able to find an Xbox 360 in stores so they can participate in this discussion.

That's a few of our wishlist items for the rapidly crystallizing chunk of adorable precious metal that is Xbox Live for the 360 - how about you, dear GSW reader?