robotz.jpg Oh my. You may have heard of the, uhh, nerdcore hiphop phenomenon, as highly rated by the Penny Arcade chaps and geeks (not necessarily of the gaming variety) worldwide. Well, the latest addition to the overall genre is the freely downloadable 'Hotel Coral Essex' album from the colorfully named Futuristic Sex Robotz (site NSFW, music v.v.v.NSFW).

The Creative Commons-licensed 15 track album [.ZIP, also see BitTorrent link], is well, as nerdcore as it gets, and is chock full of piracy and profanity-laced game references - the track 'Back In The Day' includes as its chorus: 'Back in the day, Shufflepuck Cafe', and drops rhymes about '..hours and hours making Marathon maps', even referencing ZZT and cancelled PlayStation slasher Thrill Kill. It's powerfully juvenile, y'all, and again, _not for minors_, esp. the uber-misogynistic non-game related tracks. Wethangyou.

And, of course, the coup de grace is 'WoW', which is, yes, about World Of Warcraft, and includes such couplets as: "I got one of those things that they call a job, so I can't spend all day running a mob", and: "We started out life in the Valley of Trials, now we stack gold in big-ass piles". Needless to say, you will either be horrified or delighted, and quite possibly both.