seik.png Since it's Friday, and we love free stuff, you might want to check out a Grand Text Auto article referencing a cornucopia of PC freeware.

As the intro explains: "Raigan Burns, one half of the N team whom we briefly met at Slamdance, sends us this list of freeware games he recommends, culled from looking at hundreds of freeware titles. Several of the stickman titles in the list were inspiration for N, which won the Audience award at both IGF05 and Slamdance06."

There are far too many obscuro good choices to reference individually, but here's a couple of highlights: "Ikiki: this guy has made several really cool, weird platforming games.. here’s one. others (Google them) are called "bimboman", "teppoman", "teppodon", and "100ponknock"") Also: "Helix Games: cool freeware platformers, "jumper two" and "dim" are two you should definitely check out [on their official website.]" Lots of great, actually obscure stuff here.