girlz.jpg Over the wires comes news that chip company VIA has set up 'the first-ever year-round eSports training house' in Sweden, named The Home of Chrome, and with a unique female bent - the official site is at

As the 'Girlz page' explains: "The girlz 0f destruction is a 7-member, international all-girls PC gaming team hailing from seven different countries and are widely regarded as the highest level professional female Quake 4 players. Presently 4 girlz 0f destruction team members are living full-time at the CHROME Home and with over 10,000 matches already played between them they each train on average for five hours a day."

However, unlike the Frag Dolls, which were specifically formed by Ubisoft for promotional purposes (not that there's anything wrong with that, many claim!), Girlz Of Destruction have been around since 2001, when they started as a Rocket Arena clan for Quake, and are just now getting sponsored by VIA/S3 to hang around in a Swedish house and post odd things on weblogs. So there.