wowoo.jpg We at GSW have been chatting to Kaiser Kuo of Red Herring's Chinese bureau recently, regarding some MMO-related stories they're doing, and in the process spotted some fascinating World Of WarCraft-related 'power leveling' messageboards.

As you might/might not know, you can pay for a WoW 'non-stop power leveling service', during which "your character will be leveled by 2-3 [of] our master players almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for lunch, dinner and restroom." After you hand over your character, it'll take $125 and 6-9 days to get from Level 1 to 40, and $300 and 13-18 days to get from Level 1 to 60 in WoW, after which, you can have your buffed-up char back. There's even a 'Power 1-60' option for $600 which includes: "two professions, first aid, fishing and cooking 1-300, epic mount, good equipment and 600+ gold." Tasty!

Anyhow, the afore-mentioned messageboards, which are public, are a chance for the people who have paid to get updates on how their character is doing, and a couple of the threads are rather amusing: "They are using my other Charactors in the Game. I paid for you to level only one Guy Tillamook... I have checked and found out that all of my charactors are next to mail boxes and not all in the Inns where I left them." Next to mailboxes? Oh my god! Actually, this mini ruckus got sorted out, and it seems that the vast majority of users are happy with the insane work that Power-Leveling's WoW grunts put in.