game-on.jpg You may have spotted GSW's older brother Gamasutra's new story about the Game 2.0 video game museum exhibition returning to Chicago, complete with 20 new game titles, so we thought it might be nice to offer some extra details about Game On, which some of the GSW folks visited when it was at the San Jose Tech Museum recently.

For starters, the full game list [PDF link] is exceptionally cool, since it makes it clear what an expansive, well-thought out exhibition it is. We particularly like the "Level 2: Top Ten Most Wanted" game and console combinations - starred games are new to Chicago: "Tennis* – Magnovox Odyssey (1972), Freeway – Atari 2600 (1977), One on One*– Commodore 64 (1982), Deathchase 3D* – Sinclair Spectrum (1982), Mario Bros. -- Nintendo Famicon (NES) (1983), MSX game collection – Spectravideo SV1-318 (1984), Lemmings – Commodore Amiga (1987), Fighting Street– NEC PC Engine (1987), Tetris – Nintendo Gameboy (1989), Ridge Racer- Sony Playstation (1994)."

Originally started in 2002 in England, and still sporting a significantly and intriguingly Euro-centric game line-up in places, the UK Barbican's Game On site explains the recent past and imminent future for the exhibit: "The US launch of Game On begun at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (4 March - 5 September 2005) where numbers exceeded 127,000 visitors and has just closed at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose (30 September 2005 - 2 January 2006) with 105,154 visitors. It will hereafter return to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (1 February - 27 April 2006), before travelling to the Pacific Science Centre, Seattle (26 May - 4 September 2006). We are pleased to announce the return of Game On to England at the Science Museum, London (1 December 2006 - 1 May 2007)." Go catch the exhibit - you won't regret it.