wulf.jpg Did the tape loading sounds from a seminal 1984 Rare-developed video game on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum appear on a recent episode of CSI Miami? That's exactly what Kevin Reilly on comp.sys.sinclair is claiming, and the whole thing is explored in more detail on matt.west.co.tt's weblog, including the relevant sound samples.

As Matt explains: "The combined forces of comp.sys.sinclair have identified the data in question as the loading screen to Sabre Wulf by Ultimate.... How did we discover this? Because it’s been previously documented that Aphex Twin used exactly the same sample on the track Corn Mouth, that’s why. Right down to the tell-tale beep at the end that appears to indicate that the game was copied with Keysoft’s The Key duplication utility - naughty naughty."

For those not in the know, Sabre Wulf is one of the all-time classic Spectrum titles from Ultimate!, the early incarnation of Rare. Ultimate! Play The Game became Rare sometime in the late '80s, and a re-imagining of Sabre Wulf was recently released for Game Boy Advance thanks to Rare and THQ. [Via Malaclyps.]

[Oh, and the Rare Classic Picture packs and Rare Classic Theme (scroll down!) have classic Ultimate! icons and backdrops for your Xbox 360, including Sabre Wulf, Atic Atic and Alien 8, if you're feeling nostalgic.]