coopers9.jpg Over at Insert Credit, Chaz Seydoux shows that he knows far too much about the Japanese arcade scene by running down the possible/announced titles for the upcoming AOU 2006 arcade show, to be held on Feb.17 and Feb.18.

Among the most interesting picks? The "awkwardly Killer 7-inspired Cooper's 9" from Konami, a light-gun shooter which is already being showcased over at arcade ubersite System16, as well as Rockman Exe from Capcom, "a clever move, awkward they did not think of that sooner."

Also, Taito has Valve's 'Half Life 2 Survivor', and Sega has Virtua Fighter 5, plus "rumors project that Sega will also show After Burner Climax, Psy-Phi, Exelica, Metal Slug 6, as well as any SNK game that might show up, and a new title from Yuki", and, well - it's all rather exciting. This is especially true after some neat new English-language arcade stuff at UK show ATEI, which Eurogamer did an excellent report on shortly following the previously mentioned Noooz write-up.