mmx2.jpg Over at the Internet Archive, there's a odd new MPEG4 speedrun-style video up named 'Mega Man X & Mega Man X2, by DeHackEd (tool-assisted simultaneous playthrough)' which caught our attention, and how.

The vid, which comes from the Bisqwit NES playthrough videos archive, is explained thusly: "One person's silly idea is another person's inspiration. This movie is essentially constructed by taking one controller and wiring it into two SNES emulators at once. The same input is used to play both games to completion. In other words, the player plays two games simultaneously with one controller."

It's also noted handily that "this is a tool-assisted movie", meaning, we believe, that multiple saves and restores were allowed from the emulator, and also accounts for another minor problem: "There is a visual anomaly during the battle with Serges in X 2. This is an emulator bug relating to the Cx4 chip used in the Mega Man X 2 cartridge." But overall, if you ever wanted to see Mega Man X and Mega Man X 2 completed at, uhm, the same time using the same controller, then be our guest. (Oh, and don't forget that Mega Man X Collection just came out for PS2 and GameCube, if you want to relive the titles on modern hardware.)