plantasia.jpg Another official PlayFirst press release revealed the latest game from the high-production value casual game publisher, and it's another great-looking gameLab-developed title, following on from Diner Dash and the previously GSW-mentioned Egg Vs. Chicken.

This time, the game is named Plantasia, and it "immerses players in a magical world of gardening delight where flowers come to life, enchanted gardens grow, and love blooms."

That's a pretty abstract explanation for a game that presumably has a specific genre, so we downloaded it and found out that it's actually a super-fun resource-juggling action title involving planting and harvesting flowers, and it's got a lot of Diner Dash-style multitasking in it. Go check it. Oh, and you've got to love a title which has an official feature bullet point explaining: "Easier than gardening at home." What if we keep cacti, huh?