re4ada.jpg As always, the seething piranha waters of the Gaming-Age Forums are dangerously frenzied at this time of year, with plenty of press days and game announcements going on, but a particularly funny thread based around today's Capcom Gamers Day press event in Las Vegas has a lot of forum ooze-dwellers pretty confused.

According to 'well-placed' posters Amir0x and Duckroll, some of the newly announced titles from Vegas include Breath of Fire: Dragon Sin for DS ("From the developers of Megaman EXE... all new story featuring Ryu and Nina), Resident Evil DS 2 ("RE3 on the DS (but it's called DS 2)"), and Devil May Cry: Virgil Kart Tournament for PSP ("Characters from DMC1-3... Darkest and more mature kart racer ever.")

But perhaps the coup de grace? Resident Evil 4: Ada's New Dress for PSP ("Brand new adventure in the RE world... Help Ada explore the jungles of Peru in search of her new dress... Over 150 different clothing pieces to collect... Find Fashion Magazine hidden around the game as "recipes" to combine clothing into dresses.") These titles sound pretty darn smart, especially the RE4 side-story, and we're really looking forward to more cleverly made-up but actually plausible game announcements in the near future.