brandgame.gif Game theorist Matteo Bittanti has a new post up pointing out a soon-to-debut book on brand management and video games.

According to the blurb for 'Brands And Gaming: The Computer Gaming Phenomenon and the Impact of Brands on Gaming', which is published by Palgrave Macmillan next month: "The computer gaming industry is bigger than the film and music industries and is growing faster than both of them put together. The industry is also changing fast. The typical computer gamer is in his mid 20s and female gamers make up one of the faster growing parts of the market. New developments in sociability and interactivity are also transforming the industry. This is the first major study of brands and gaming and shows huge opportunities for brand development." Bigger than film _and_ music? Not bad!

So, yep, if you want to know how to market your product or license in the apparently ripe for exploitation gaming world, there are chapter headings like 'Will Gaming Replace TV?', and 'Strategies for Your Brand to Enter the Gaming Space'. If anyone gets hold of a copy, send us some choice extracts.