quantum.jpg Hanging at the California Extreme classic arcade show in San Jose last summer, the GSW editors had a chance to play Atari's 1982 arcade machine Quantum, which we think is a bit of a lost classic - only 500 ever made, allegedly.

In any case, Tim W's Indy Gamer blog just highlighted a Quantum PC freeware 'clone' called Blitzum, and explains of the gameplay: "In the original, the player has to manipulate a trackball to capture particles by drawing circles around them using a comet's trail."

It's all pretty addictive stuff, and the new version (OK, a bit old but we didn't spot it until now) was recreated in Blitz Basic by Mark Incitti, who has also very naughtily coded some other clones, including 'Blitz Wars', which is very very much like Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Much like the recent Lumines clones, we don't really approve of clones of brand-new games, but at least until Quantum turns up on XBLA, it's fun to mess with Blitzum.