bprince.gif Somewhat obscure Australian site Little Mathletics has cooked up an interview with Beggar Prince cart re-releaser Brandon Cobb, chatting with the Super Fighter Team boss about his translation and actual release of a previously unseen-in-the-West Sega Genesis RPG.

The title in question is currently available from the official 'Beggar Prince' website, and is "the first commercial game release for the Sega Genesis in the United States since 1998". It was originally published by Taiwanese company C&E Inc in Asia in 1996, and Super Fighter has officially licensed it and translated it from Chinese for this Western release.

Cobb is especially 'detail-oriented' over his choice of factory to actually manufacture the carts, explaining: "For production, it's a matter of finding a factory that still produces these things - and that isn't a simple process. Not only that, but if you value your customers you'll find a factory that does things right - makes a good, sharp product rather than a cheap imitation." An expensive imitation it is, then! [Via PressTheButtons.]