billywiz.jpg We here at GSW have pretty much never been more delighted than when finding out about 'Barry Hatter: The Sorceror's Broomstick' for PlayStation 2 back in December, a game that had absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter, do you hear?

But now, tragedy! The Metro3D site reveals a drastic change of name for the title - it's now called 'Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing', and has just debuted for PS2 and PC in Europe. Though you still have to "Fight for magical supremacy in the thrilling ‘Orb Domination’ levels... [and] swipe the orbs from your opponents to claim a breath-taking victory", so that's alright, then. (Oh, and a recent Gamasutra story explains the partial resurrection of M3D, for the confused.)

Wait, but there's more low-budget hilarity from the Metro3D folks - the blurb for Living World Racing has perhaps the best first line for a product description ever. "One of the UK’s hottest developers, Data Design Interactive has once again partnered with Rolf C. Hagen Inc. the world's largest privately run pet accessory manufacturer..." Wow, Data Design and Rolf? Say no more.