pherotones.jpg The ever-reliable Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) website has published a new report on a mystery phone-related ARG, which seems to deal with the concept of phones.

The Pherotones weblog, run by the somewhat suspicious Dr. Myra Vanderhood,, includes the tagline: "Discover Pherotones. The erotic ring tone secret that attracts romance and lifts your love life high". With the discovery that a Wikipedia entry on the subject (since deleted) was authored by McKinney Silver, the ad agency behind Audi's fascinating 'Art Of The Heist' ARG, there's speculation that a larger ARG may be springing up.

However, there's no major trailhead yet, apart from the official Pherotones website, but ARGN nonetheless comments: "With the possible interaction (Dr. Vanderhood will chat on AIM and has replied to emails) and the great quick thinking we’ve seen so far, if it goes very deep it should be a fun and well thought out ride." Or, of course, it could just be a spoof site, without any great detection required - we'll see.