r360.jpg Though video games are all cool as bits and bytes, sometimes we love physical artifacts too, and that's what ArcadeFlyers.net is particularly good at providing scans of - the wonderful artwork handed out to arcade operators from the 1970s to the present day.

In browsing, we particularly adore the Sega R360 brochure, showcasing the relatively rare Sega cabinet that allowed you to invert playing G-Loc. There's so much other good stuff in there, it hurts, though - a totally cute Boulder Dash poster, a fun Namco catalog from 1991, an absolutely awesome early Japanese Sega brochure... the list goes on.

In addition, Coin-Op.tv recently ran an interview with the ArcadeFlyers.com curators, particularly noting a rare flyer they would live to get their hands on: "For Japanese flyers, I am having a hard time finding the original Puck-Man flyer by Namco. Earlier this year, I heard about an auction in Japan where a set of video game flyers was being auctioned and it included an original Namco Puck-Man flyer. The auction ended at over $600!!"