hl2surv.jpg We covered hints on the AOU show before the annual Japanese arcade trade event happened late last week, but now Hirohiko Niizumi has done an excellent, comprehensive write-up of the show for GameSpot, revealing good info on a number of games, including Taito's Valve-licensed arcade title Half-Life 2 Survivor.

Niizumi explains: "The game plays in a cockpit cabinet that features a 32-inch LCD monitor in 1360x768 resolution and 5.1 channel surround sound speakers... the machine uses an IC card for players to store their data. While the PC version used a keyboard and mouse for controls, the arcade game uses two differently shaped trigger sticks. The left trigger stick is used for movement, and it also has a button for sending short messages to team members. The right stick is used for attacking, and it has three buttons: one for attacking, one for selecting a weapon, and one for using alternate attacks. The cabinet also has two foot pedals: one for ducking and the other for jumping."

There's a really good snapshot of the Half-Life 2 Survivor cabinets on Impress Watch, which also has lots of nice show pics in general, including a Sega photo report with a totally neat House Of The Dead 4 sculpture pictured in it.