saints.jpg Oop, this one almost slipped under the radar, but a story from sister site Gamasutra relays the opening of the IGF Audience Award voting for 2006, as kindly hosted by GameSpot, with great PC indie demos galore available.

As the Gama story explains: "From February 22nd through March 17th, gamers are encouraged to vote for their favorite indie game from a pool of 19 IGF Main Competition finalists which are hosting PC demo versions online at the official IGF Audience Award page... The overall winner which receives the most votes will receive a $2,500 prize and the IGF Audience Award for 2006."

You need a free GameSpot reg to vote and download, but you can then grab some great indie trials, including some being made available for the first time, like Large Animal's neeto Saints & Sinners Bowling and Black Mountain Games' putt-putt game Putt Nutz. There's also demo version of Dofus, Weird Worlds, Darwinia, Professor Fizzwizzle, and all manner of easily leechable PC indie games, so have at it!