sta.jpg Jim Rossignol, who is a regular Gamasutra columnist as well as a veteran PC Gamer UK writer, has posted a copy of his recent PC Gamer article, 'Sex, Fame and PC Baangs: How the Orient plays host to PC gaming’s strangest culture', on his weblog.

It's fascinating stuff, and is marvellously specific on the extent of South Korea's obsession with gaming culture, to wit: "There are five cable channels devoted to games and one of those just to RTS titles like Starcraft. Recorded and edited bouts of top-level Starcraft matches accounts for viewing figures in the millions, taking up 1% of all the TV watched in Korea. There are two weekly newspapers and three four-hundred page monthly glossies that cater just to PC gaming. There are 26,000 gaming cafes in Korea, which make $6 billion a year from tens of thousands of visiting gamers."

On that subject, we note, via this Blizzard Insider page that there's even a book called 'Starcnomics', "an academic look at the positive effects StarCraft has had on the Korean economy." So... only Blizzard can save us from the housing bust by providing WoW virtual housing for us all? This is clearly only logical conclusion.