ukr2.jpg Those comedy rogues at UK Resistance have, bizarrely enough, gone into the clothing business, complete with hilariously posed pictures of 'models' who apparently don't know how to use popular gaming handhelds.

The actual store, Rival Crews, includes the excellent Sega vest (UKR used to be a Sega Saturn fansite, don't forget!), with the following immortal description: "When you need to feel the safety of Sega, simply break out the SEGA VEST and put it on! You'll feel warm and snuggly! People will also recognise you as a reader of UK:Resistance. Which might be a bad thing, so you should wear it under a jumper if you're going outside."

Now we're just waiting for a 'Blue Sky In Games' tee, which is, of course, necessary to complete our enjoyment of that particular meme. Because we are Nathan Barley.