egg.jpg Sister website Gamasutra has posted what may be one of the most important video game postmortems of all time, with Schadenfreude Interactive's analysis of avian PC strategy title Age Of Ornithology.

Fortunately, Schadenfreude, whom you may recognize from their yearly adverts in Computer Games Magazine, have come through with the goods, explaining in the 'What Went Wrong' section regarding AI problems in Age Of Ornithology: "Our most recent titles were two auto-racing games (Nazgul Thunder and Cthulhu Karts) and a Battlemech fishing simulator (Steelhead Battalion), none of which had much strategy beyond “veer to the left a bit before a right turn so you can maintain higher speed” and “use the spinnerbait.” So naturally, we made a few fledgling mistakes. We didn't foresee the need for a complex birdseed-scattering algorithm to distribute food evenly, so early versions were plagued with 'chicken rushing.'"

Although the article's introduction notes that: "This special postmortem... recently arrived via Aeroluftenpigeonpost from Germany. Unfortunately, the package did not have a return address, so we were unable to officially fact-check and verify this article", we believe that Schadenfreude's postmortem presents a vital addition to the world's video game knowledge base. Look out for further Gamasutra columns from them in the near future.