joeForeversDarkAC.gifIn 2002, JoeForever was on the run, having left the big city for the town of Adamsvil in Animal Crossing. Joe's diary dug deep into the darker side of Adamsvil, and while it revealed little of his shady past, it uncovered a wholly unflattering angle of of Animal Crossing few players got to see.

Joe writes:
"On the train to Adamsvil, I met a simple cat named Rover. Already I am suspicious... a cat with a dog's name? When I reveal that I have no place to live, he slips to the back of the car and calls a "friend" of his named Tom Nook. Sounds like a scam, and when I meet Tom, I figure out why. My new crib costs 18,000 Bells, and Nook expects me to work for him to pay it off."

"Dred Island has yielded an unexpected bonus. The sole inhabitant, June, has taken a shine to me. She's wearing my clothes and has agreed to enter into a money-laundering scheme. I bring her my bootlegged fruits, and she turns them into bags of clean money. Even out here in the country, there are those who want to turn an easy trick."

Read the entire sordid original 2002-era Animal Crossing saga here.

[UPDATE - Even better, since Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS debuted, JoeForever has started a DS-specific Animal Crossing diary, which includes such seditious gems as 'Dover School Board Targets Museum Exhibit'.

This shocking expose reveals: "Intelligent Design proponents in Pennsylvania have launched a new campaign to get the controversial theory "equal time" in the county's education system, this time targeting the Adamsvil Museum's fossil exhibit... The Museum became a target shortly after Joe, a relatively new resident in the community, unearthed and donated a fossil of the prehistoric human known colloquially as 'Peking Man'." - Simon.]