gradius.gif GSW previously reported on The New Gamer's quest to test its concept of 'averaging gameplay' using multiple, layered-together videos of people playing Gradius. You remember that, right?

Well, the full results of the experiment are in, using 15 different submissions, and a remarkable amount of diversity in the final video (26.4mb .MOV) - for example: "The average time taken to kill the end level boss was 20.055 seconds, with the fastest player finishing him off in a mere 10.01 seconds."

R. LeFeuvre concludes of the test: "There's also a lot to find that just cannot be easily expressed in text. Watching how different players react to a spray of bullets; seeing how some go on the offensive and attack nearly all enemies while others fire less and dodge more; looking when certain people retreat to the back edge of the screen and when they charge forward; monitoring the enemies as they are destroyed, slowly peeling back the layers of color, possibly leaving a mostly transparent ghost to escape off the left side of the screen." Poetry in motion, eh?