phear.jpg Here's a little-known tidbit - Tetrisphere on the Nintendo 64 actually had its origins on the Jaguar. Rumor has it, according to Lawrence of GamesX, that Nintendo saw it (the game was then just called Phear) at the Atari booth at CES, and bought the rights to it.

Lawrence relates the story in his neography blog, and also has linked the brochure, complete with atrocious typos. Here's a quote (not interesting for its humor, so much as its historical relevance): "Be blown away with the experience of moving, rotating, spinning and zooming into 4-demensions. Don't miss this ultimate experience! Using the power of Jaguar 64-bit entertainment system."

Here's the 'official' stats from the brochure: "Phear Specifications: Resolution: 384x240 pixels; Palette: 65,536 colours; Polygons: 50,000+ / second; Sound: 8-channel sound / FX; Playability: Awesome; Geometry: 4-Dimensional; Lastability: Virtually Addicting; Music: 12+ Modules; Release Date: January 1995."