rez2.jpg Pointed out via GAF, and apparently originating via the UK gamegeek RLLMUK Forum, there's a Google Video up which showcases a perfect completion for the last level of Rez, Tetsuya Mizuguchi's recently GSW-mentioned, perma-fawned upon 'art shooter'.

But while many moon over the game, less do this well playing it, so kudos to 'Magic Lord' for this video, which is described as: "100% Shotdown rate for Area 5 on Dreamcast Rez. Missed a couple of item appearances but still, at least it shows how easy it is to do and achieve the special pink butterfly ending." There are actually plenty of complex unlocks in Rez for both DC and PlayStation 2, but it's good to see this one in particular displayed for all to see. [Click the 'original size' button in the bottom right if you want it less (unintentionally) pixel-y.]