djmax.gifHere's something that slipped under the radar (though not by much, it just came out on the 14th). DJmax Emotional Sense Portable is a South Korean DJ game for the PSP (with mobile and online PC variants), with a very nice art style (with some images from a Falcoon draw-alike), good music, and a bunch of extras.

For instance, you can listen to all of the music on its own in OST mode, view all of the images and movies (which play in-game) as well. Check out the official SCEK site for screens and music samples (toward the bottom). I happen to like five out of the six songs they've provided. That's a good ratio!

The game uses the top six face buttons of the PSP for control - that is to say left, up, right, square, triangle and circle. So likely you'd want to place this on your lap (or similar!), and use your fingers, rather than thumbs, like with the better DJ games out there. Pentavision is the company that made this, and it appears to be their first effort. From the look of things, a right solid one, too! All we have to do is wait to see if someone picks this up for US distribution (I wouldn't rule it out!).