piano.jpg Poking around on the site of NinjaBee, the oh-so-indie creators of Outpost Kaloki X for Xbox 360 Live Arcade, we spotted that their parent mini-company, Wahoo Studios, have recently been working on a really neat-looking kids' Windows educational title called Piano Wizard (and it used to be called Piano Commando, which is even more fun!)

Evidently a bit like the Miracle Keyboard for consoles released in the early '90s, this tool apparently "combines the fun of a video game with the fundamentals of piano lessons", as colors are mapped to notes, and the title moves from fantasy worlds triggered by key presses to full stave-based music reading.

Heck, the purchase page even has an 'As Seen On TV' icon, so it must be good stuff - though at $200 including a MIDI keyboard, it's a little more than a copy of Guitar Hero.