paxman.jpg Via Alice's Wonderland, a mention of venerable UK political TV program Newsnight, which was broadcasting from Second Life last week as part of the delightfully named 'Geek Week'.

Newsnight's business correspondent, Paul Mason, quickly got the hang of Second Life itself: "I discovered the most popular places "in world" are lap dancing clubs, bars, casinos, rifle ranges and - in a rare piece of inspiration that could only happen in the fantasy world - places that are all of the above."

He then got in touch with Cory Edo - real name Sara Van Gorden, who "recreated the Newsnight set, Jeremy Paxman and myself - the latter with wrinkles and stubble rendered in full 3D realism, sadly - so we could record the historic "two-way" that will go out before my piece on online games." And it also looks like Paxman was 'busting some virtual moves', judging by the accompanying pictures.