hardgay.jpg We're presuming that you've heard of Japanese comedian Hard Gay, thanks to the insane amount of videoclips circulating online. If not, his Wikipedia profile probably helps: "Dressing in a tight black leather outfit reminiscent of the stylings of the Village People, he goes around performing acts of charity (yonaoshi, “social improvement”) for unsuspecting bystanders while simultaneously incorporating plenty of pelvic thrusting and vocal exultations."

Well, Hard Gay's latest feat is to be incorporated into a video game - specifically, as a guest character in the Japanese version of cartoon golf MMO PangYa (also known as Albatross18 in the States, and recently mentioned on GSW.) Aand.. well, words aren't sufficient - just check out the page, you'll get the idea.

[Via Kotaku, which also notes: "Players can snag leather hotpants and sunglasses for their characters, including the female character. His “Fuuuuuu” catch phrase even makes an appearance via one of the characters in the game. Apparently the man himself even came up with a special “Aztec” golf ball that makes HG noises."]