cats.jpg A few days ago, we featured the excellent 'World Of Sand' Java toy, and now, TIGSource has drawn our attention to the fact that creator 'd_of_i' has several other fully playable browser games on his site, with the highlight being the marvellous 'Cats Sledding'.

What's 'Cats Sledding'? It features, uhh, cats sledding! As explained by TIGSource: "The game controls like a konami motocross game or some other games you might have played recently: use the z and x keys to lean your cat and flip in midair. like in nintendo's uniracers/unirally, successful tricks are rewarded with speed boosts."

Additionally noted by the author of the blog post? "you might also want to check out this game and its breakout-like sequel by the same author, which involve swinging rice balls around with your mouse. you cannot go wrong."