revo.jpg Firingsquad's often fire-prone Jakub Wojnarowicz has just posted a new editorial, 'Nintendo For The Win', in which he postulates of the Big N's next-gen strategy: "Nintendo is poised for a coup. As someone who not so long ago was dismissive of what the company can accomplish, I today firmly believe that they’re capable of taking the #1 position from Sony."

These are strong words from someone who comments at the start of the article: "Disclaimer: I am not a Nintendo fan", but Woj's enthusisasm for the forthcoming Revolution console is palpable, as he suggests: "Slumping game sales, unimaginative games, expensive consoles and expensive games, consoles that will have features (Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) that we’re not sure we’ll need."

But, he croons: "In comes Nintendo, with the promise and the tools to let developers create cool games again. It’s guaranteed that we’ll see Castlevania, Zelda, Metroid, and Mario on the Revolution – but this time there’s the potential for so much more." There's much more detail if you click through, but - Nintendo outpacing Sony? Think it can really be done? Please don flameproof suits and begin the discussion forthwith.