ninjaman.jpg There's a new, tres amusant 2D Flash side-scroller in town. Its name? Ninja-Man! The official site for the free-to-download, graphically slick game, which was created by Adam Searle, Jason Chow and Johnny Jei Le, has links to play in 25fps and 50fps versions, with the 50fps version playable "only if you have a high-end computer... we recommend at least a 2ghz processor."

The title, which allows you to "wreak havoc upon the evil hordes" in a vaguely Metal Slug-esque way, has already reached more than 100,000 views on NewGrounds. The media page has more screenshots and a fun teaser trailer, but now the actual game has debuted, you have no excuse for not playing it, lots. So do so. [Via TIGSource.]