neuros.jpg We know that this is a video game weblog, but heck, some people use their PSP for non-interactive stuff too, and ThinkGeek has just got the Neuros PSP/iPod Video Recorder in stock. We haven't tried it out, but it looks like a pretty fun piece of hardware, since "it allows you to create movie files compatible with your iPod or PSP from any video input like your DVD Player, Cable Box or DVR."

Heck, it doesn't even need a PC to work, since it connects directly to your TiVo output (or similar) and encodes to WQVGA (368 x 208) PSP-compatible movies on the fly. Want to watch last night's Colbert Report on the train the next morning without futzing around with BitTorrent and additional transcoding?

This looks like the device to get, though PVRBlog references recent news that TiVo is meant to be expanding TiVoToGo to include the PSP for an extra fee - but this will likely be a dual-step process (TiVo => PC => PSP), so unless it's user-friendly enough to delight, Neuros' option still looks plenty viable. [Via Timothy.]