mutantstorm.jpg Josh Korr of Florida newspaper The St. Petersburg Times kindly wrote in to point out that the paper recently started its own video game weblog, joining mainstream newspapers such as the San Jose Mercury News and the UK Guardian in the (buzzword alert!) 'game-specific blogosphere'.

Korr recently added some intriguing commentary on Microsoft's Xbox Live online service, referencing recent WSJ and NYT pieces on the service. He particularly suggests that Xbox Live Arcade and other 'casual' services may be far more important to the Xbox 360's online success than some might suggest: "If growing the installed base for the Xbox 360 is based on growing the number of casual and new gamers who buy the system, Microsoft won't get a 25-50 percent Xbox Live subscriber rate if the main reason to go online remains to play deathmatches." We'd love to analyze too, but we're too busy playing Mutant Storm Reloaded.