probe.jpg Scandinavian magazine firm MagWerk has launched three intricately-designed online magazines, laid out like normal mags, but with a host of Flash animated adverts, editorial sections, and other clever gubbins. Interestingly, one of these is an English language version of the 'game culture' magazine Probe, also available in Norwegian and Swedish.

Some of the neat ideas on the site, which is sponsored by Mini and Sony Ericsson, include 'pages' that actually link to HTML weblogs, so are regularly updated, and other fun shenanigans, including an actual game of (unlicensed?) Asteroids on two pages.

In addition, on at least one of Probe's spreads, the editor's animated pictures are attacking each other - and the editorial, with Xbox 360 features and lots of game reviews, is reasonably readable too. In conclusion - well worth perusing. [Via The-Inbetween.]