corpse.jpg It's been a few weeks since we first mentioned the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer weblog, correctly self-described as "some insane ramblings about a games console that died almost 10 years ago."

Well, the ramblings are still going strong - over 35 reviews over the last 3 months, and the latest is for Digital Pictures' Corpse Killer, an FMV light-gun title that's in some ways poignantly timely, since it stars the sadly recently deceased Vincent Schiavelli.

Blog owner Skykid comments delightedly of the early CD-ROM title: "In my opinion Corpse Killer is a classic. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with it, for what it set out to be -Which is a B-grade Zombie horror movie with interactivity. It is bang on the money." And that's why we like him - cheerfulness in the face of extreme 3DO adversity!