hope.jpg Over at Adventure Gamers, they've recently posted a review of new Swedish PC indie adventure title Hope Springs Eternal, created by Swedish couple Mikael and Eleen Nyqvist.

Reviewer Laura McDonald explains of the background regarding the Myst-style game's genesis: "With the proliferation of low cost/free game engines and an increased interest in freelance game development, independent titles are appearing in increasing numbers for sale. No longer limited to shareware or freeware status, these games are budget-priced with clear commercial aspirations." The creators' previous game, Remedy, also reviewed on Adventure Gamers, is another great example of this.

The thing we enjoy about Hope Springs Eternal, for which there is a playable demo, is that it just seems so _relaxed_, as McDonald suggests in her conclusion: "So what is the final word on Hope Springs Eternal? It's a charmingly presented, unpretentious game... If your idea of pleasing gameplay is to leisurely stroll through a delightful game world populated by some gentle locals, with fairly simple challenges, this game is well worth a look."