anima.jpg So, having kept a close eye on Hirameki International, the PC visual novel company that was recently mentioned by Brandon here on GameSetWatch, we noted that their latest weblog update includes news that "we'll be conducting advance sales of "Animamundi" (scheduled for sale on March 10) at NY Comicon. Plus, we'll be hosting a panel called 'Visual Novel Games and the Japanese Otaku Market.'"

The panel sounds fascinating (any GSW readers turning up?), but otherwise, Hirameki's 'Anime Play PC' website has more information on Animamundi, which is "...a gothic horror game targeting mainly women that comes alive with decadence and ecstasy from an up and coming team of creators in the novel game industry." And the screenshots certainly look pretty... gothic. Interesting to see Hirameki continuing to do work in this generally English-language neglected 'love story' genre.