2006.jpg Over at GSW, we recently got hold of a copy of The 2006 Gamer’s Tome of Ultimate Wisdom: An Almanac of Pimps, Orcs and Lightsabers, a fun book from Que Publishing that tries to present a guide to 2005's best games and a look forward to 2006's most promising, alongside lots of random fact, tidbits and side articles.

As the press release explains, as well as a plethora of single-page game overviews (both reviews from 2005 and previews from 2006) thanks to author William Abner, there's some lighter material in there too, from a page on Xbox cheat tools, through 'closet classic' pages dedicated to titles such as Little Big Adventure, all the way to a section on 'The Best In Play By Email Gaming'.

Overall, the '2006 Gamer's Tome' a bit of an odd fish, with so-so design layouts and a bit of a weird overarching concept, but it's well-written and includes lots of relevant, well-researched info in it, so if you want to remember what 2005 was like in the game world, and wish to reminisce further back and look further forward at the same time, by all means, grab it.