presspass.jpg Always nice to see another intelligent video game news site launching, and those wags at GamersWithJobs have just debuted GWJ Press Pass, a news commentary site that promises to "deliver gaming related news at a higher standard...There are deeper stories to be told, more to the news than press releases, and a better method than dealing in quantity before quality."

Obviously, GSW had this idea first, and will be suing Press Pass in the near future, but in the meantime, the site has a particularly fun mini-interview with SplitFish’s Cisco Schipperheijn over the DualFX controller, a very Revolution-looking two-handed console peripheral that drew howls from Nintendo fans for alleged plagiarism, and for which it's explained: "Keep in mind that this is wildly different technology, even if the end result is similar. The Revolution is based mostly on gyros and positioning, where ours is based on lasers." Sharks with laser beams?