cornfield.jpg We're referencing GSW contributor weblogs again, but over at Clickable Culture, TonyW has a great post on the 'hidden prison' in virtual world Second Life.

According to Tony: "Dubbed the "The Corn Field," the moonlit environment contains only rows of corn, two television sets, an aging tractor and a one-way teleport terminal allowing no escape. It exists as an alternative to standard disciplinary measures, which traditionally prevent access to Second Life completely."

SL player Nimrod Yaffle, recently imprisoned in the area for unspecified transgressions, seemed relatively unimpressed: "Yaffle was disappointed at the "insanely slow" pace of the tractor, and bored by the only channel available on the televisions--a presentation of the 1940 film "Boy in Court," about a troubled teenager on probation trying to avoid a life of crime." That industrial film is available for download as part of the Prelinger Collection over at the non-profit Internet Archive, for the curious, even if Yaffle wasn't 'scared straight' by it just yet.